Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the day I adopted Juliet. She was diagnosed with mast cell cancer, but I still adopted her and brought her to Dr. SaLee. While traditional chemo would have given me 6 – 9 months with her, thanks to the protocol Dr. SaLee put her on, I’ve had 3 wonderful years with her. Juliet doesn’t know she’s sick. She’s happy, full of life, yes, a little lumpy, and seems to always have a smile on her face. Thank you, Dr. SaLee for the gift of time you’ve given Juliet & me!!!

Christa K.

Our Curly earned her CPE (Canine Performance Events) Agility Champion Extraordinaire title in May 2015. Curly had bi-lateral elbow surgery in May of 2014 and open abdominal surgery to remove an insulinoma tumor in October 2014 either of which could have ended her agility career. Dr. Tartof and the staff at The Whole Pet have helped to keep her mobile and comfortable with chiropractic, laser, acu-puncture and supplements and has helped to keep her cancer at bay with Chinese herbal remedies. We are so proud of our Curly and appreciate all the support from The Whole Pet!

Christa T.L.

Shilah and I just want to give a huge thank you to Dr. Doering, Dr. Tartoff, and the rest of the staff for all of their help with Shilah’s recent eye exams (and other issues, too). She’s rocking her new sunglasses and couldn’t be happier out in the sun these days! Many, many hugs to you all for being such wonderful, caring people.