Welcome to The Whole Pet. In order to optimize your first visit we have the following recommendations:

1) It is essential that all previous vet records are sent in advance, a week if possible, of your appointment. This should include all radiographs, ultrasounds, biopsies, blood work, exam notes etc. It is important to us that the doctor has time to review your pet’s records before the appointment so we can maximize the time that is spent with your pet assessing and discussing the best treatment plan.

2) Bring all your pet’s supplements, medications and everything you put in your pet’s mouth. This should include a picture of the front and back of the food bag and treats. If you are seeing Dr. SaLee or Dr. Suter for muscle testing for food allergies, please bring a small sample of each food and treat labeled in individual baggies.

3) Bring a list of your questions and concerns.

4) It will be helpful for you to jot down notes or bring a friend who can help listen to the details and make notes for you.

When you walk through our door we want you and your pet to feel at home. After your pet is weighed we will escort you to into one of our four Chinese element (water, wood, metal and fire) themed exam rooms, where your pet can relax with pheromones diffused in the room, calming music in the background, padded tables or carpet on the floor. Once situated in the room, your pet is free to roam, sniff, play with a toy that we can provide or taste our grain free treats. You are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or water.
One of our well trained Veterinary Technicians will record your pet’s history, take vital signs and get a current list of medications/supplements and list your primary concerns for this initial visit. The doctor will perform a thorough western exam as well as an eastern exam which may include tongue, pulse, active acupuncture point assessment and nutrition evaluation. Vaccine protocols or titers will be assessed based on your pet’s lifestyle and medical condition. You will be provided with a treatment plan individually designed for your family member which may include diagnostics (radiographs, blood work, cytology and more), acupuncture, spinal manipulation, laser therapy, chinese/western herbal medicine, supplements and medications. You will then collaborate with your doctor on the best course of treatment for your pet. Many times treatment will begin at the first appointment.

Appointment frequency is determined by the course of treatment chosen. Please visit the services tab for further information.

If necessary the doctor may refer you to a boarded specialist, veterinarians who have completed advanced studies in specialties such as internal medicine, neurology, radiology, surgery, and emergency care.