A modality promoting overall well being for your dog while enhancing the human-animal bond.

Massage therapy for your dog is more than just a luxury. Dogs of all ages can benefit from regular massage.

As most can relate, massage therapy promotes a relaxation response. This allows calming of the body and mind which helps strengthen the immune system, calms the heart and circulatory systems, promotes the release of feel good hormones and relaxes the muscles.

Massage helps the body eliminate wastes and toxins, nourishes the skin and muscles with improved circulation, releases sticky and tight tissues (not just the muscle), promotes a more complete range of motion, reduces swelling and scar tissue, facilitates healing and creates a strong bond with your pet.

Of course it feels oh so good too!

Whether your dog is a sport dog, weekend warrior or couch potato, massage is sure to benefit.

Your doctor may recommend massage therapy to improve mobility, after an injury or surgery or to facilitate healing. You can also schedule massage for your pet as needed or just because!