As an integrative veterinarian, I look at the big picture when it comes to healthcare for your pet. I take into consideration diet, environment, behavior, activity level and many other aspects of your pet’s life in order to come up with a balanced plan for wellness. My goal is to educate and work with pet caregivers so they understand the risks and benefits of various preventative and treatment options, and can choose a path that they are comfortable with.

Some of the services offered include natural diet recommendations, modified vaccination protocols, guidance on the proper use of dietary supplements, acupuncture, Chinese and Western herbal medicine, stem cell therapy (derived from your pet’s own fat cells), rehabilitation therapy/sports medicine, Class IV laser therapy (Companion Laser), and spinal manipulation (chiropractic). I also offer integrative general medicine, which is basically general practice while taking a natural approach whenever possible. For example, we may try herbs instead of antibiotics, but if we need the antibiotics, we will take natural steps to minimize any side effects.